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1791 Everyday Carry Belt and Action Snap Tool Carrier


I suppose you could say I fancy myself a bit of a handyman, I never leave home without some bare minimum items to be prepared for the day. Most days that includes at minimum a pocket knife and pistol, but occasionally there are situations where my normal carry items won’t work. Today I’d like to share with you a product that came in handy for just such a situation, the 1791 Everyday Carry Belt and Action Snap Tool Carrier.

As I mentioned, I normally carry a gun, knife and other tools on a day to day basis. But a pending trip outside the borders of our second amendment wouldn’t allow my everyday carry. So I figured it was a perfect time to test out this 1791 EDC gear. There would be plenty of fishing involved and having tools and light is always nice when you’re temporarily expatriated.

The 1791 Everyday Carry kit

For this trip abroad, I brought my 1791 EDC heavy duty work belt and the Action Snap tool carrier. The belt is made from handcrafted full-grain leather. And looks nice enough to wear to church if you needed to. Is has a robust roller buckle and a handsome finish.

Also cut from the same chestnut leather was the Action Snap tool carrier. A consolidated series of leather loops perfectly suited for tucking in things like multi-tools, flashlights and other similar items. The action snaps allow you to attach and remove the tool carrier without removing your belt. 1791 EDC also offers the same carrier with loops if you prefer that type. A key ring is also attached to the front loop, for attaching your keys or other items.

My First Impressions

High quality leather was the very first thing I noticed as I opened the box. That pleasant aroma of leather was immediately noticeable. The thick leather construction of both belt and carrier gave an old world quality feel. Thick stitching and nice fasteners rounded out the whole kit to feel durable for everyday use.

First I put my LAPG F7 flashlight into the leather loop, for a perfect fit. I love having a good light handy, and for this trip it would be a necessity. I also tucked in my CRKT Katana fixed blade knife, because it would come in handy for any number of encounters. And in the third loop I stuck a Gerber Multi-tool. Everything fit quite well, so well in fact it felt like this kit was made for these items.

Field Use

Using the 1791 EDC kit was very comfortable. Not only did it not interfere with my day to day activities, it made me feel like there was still something on my waist. Even if it didn’t go bang. Having things like multi-tools and fixed blade knives is handy while on the water, especially when handling toothy fish. It was very nice to be able to quickly reach for them when needed. As daylight fades it was nice to have a good flashlight on me as well. The flashlight loop is a little snug, but because it is leather I am sure it will loosen up a bit with use.

Having spent more than a week carrying the 1791 EDC kit every day, I can’t say that it has interfered or become cumbersome in any way. But it has been incredibly handy whether it be for pulling the hook from a mackerel or the traditional Dad duty of providing the knife to open Christmas presents.

The belt is comfortable, and thick enough that it won’t be folding over like cheap belts. It stays in place well, and as I mentioned is classy enough to use in a fancy dress situation. The Action Snap tool carrier is easily installed as you loop your belt on in the morning, or snapping it on as an afterthought. It even has a tighter fitting loop stitched into the back, that works as a tensioner to keep the whole thing from sliding laterally on your belt. Its big enough to remind you that it’s there, without becoming burdensome.

Final Thoughts

Because my normal EDC items weren’t an option, it was nice to have at least something to be useful with. I was quite impressed with the quality and finish of 1791 Everyday Carry gear, it was comfortable and classy as well. It did an excellent job keeping the tools I needed handy and secure. I will definitely be using this gear more often.


Written by:

 Jeff Wood from Coldboremiracle – A website focused on guns, firearms and hunting

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